Jim's research is in the field of historical epidemiology. His work integrates approaches from the biological sciences and the social sciences to produce perspectives that are useful to historians, practitioners, and planners in the field of global public health. He is the founding editor of the series Perspectives on Global Health and the Series in Ecology and History at the Ohio University Press. His most recent book, The Guts of the Matter: A Global History of Human Waste and Infectious Intestinal Disease is in production at Cambridge University Press and will appear in early 2020. He is currently working on a global history of human health.

What's new?

An essay in global health history will appear shortly—“Historical Epidemiology and Global Health History,” in História, Ciências, Saúde. Manguinhos.


An essay in historical ecology, “Industrialized Rainforests: The Ecological Transformation of the Sri Lankan Highlands, 1815-1900,” in Vinita Damodaran (ed.), The Forest and Environmental History of the British Empire and Commonwealth (Delhi: Primus Publishers), is forthcoming.

Forthcoming Book